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Midwest Steel Fabricators has been recognized for their top quality products for over 18 years in the steel fabrication business throughout the North Central States.


     We are a leader of structural steel fabrication and design.  We take pride in our ability to consistently and accurately produce our client’s products on time to meet their construction schedules.   With 24/7 availability our clients, by the click of their mouse, can view their active jobs, drawings and make important comments in “real time”.   

Current clients and prospective clients can also view the extensive library of Midwest Steel’s drawings.

     At Midwest Steel Fabricators we effectively utilize project management to coordinate all projects.  Our clients know they are dealing with highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel ensuring honest and accurate information. 

Midwest Steel knows our clients are our existence and the reason for our success.

  •  Portable welding and field fabrication available
  • Experts in structural steel management and procurement
  • AWS and ASME code work
  • Product Specifications:
    • Section 05100 Structural Steel
    • Section 05200 Steel Joists
    • Section 05300 Steel Deck